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Ms. Starr > 8-1 Computer
​​Course Description

Today, people need keyboarding skills more than ever since each of us are composing at the computer, sending e-mails, and surfing on the Internet.  The proper "touch system" of keyboarding is most important since it determines our speed and accuracy.  Virtually all jobs for today's students will require some degree of computer expertise.  Keyboarding skills are a definite asset for profession as well as personal goals. 
Students in this course will continue instruction on keyboarding skills.  We want to reach students wanting to improve their technology using the comptuer keyboard.
This course is intended to increase student keyboarding skills through drill practice and reinforcement of correct techniques using Students enter the course with timed-typing level competences recorded by the teacher (20-25 wpm on average) and are then expected to improve keyboarding speed and accuracey, ultimately typing at least 30 words a minute with no more than 5 errors. 
Students will use Microsoft Word skills to create, format, and edit personal and business notes, letters, tables, and reports.  Students will improve their skills in PowerPoint so they will be able to present their projects in a slide show format.  Students will also improve their skills in Excel and Pushlisher at a higher level.  Students will receive an introduction to Access.  Students will lean all software packages mentioned above on both the Windows and Mac side.
This course will prepare all students for future use on a computer in high school, college, and their careers.


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